Dark Gums Due to Smoking

dark_gums_due_to_smokingJust over 40 million Americans smoke, which accounts for nearly 20 million of adults over 18. While smoking is more common in men, many women also smoke. Unfortunately, smoking can have consequences for your physical health and even your appearance. Dark gums due to smoking are common, and they can lead to serious aesthetic concerns.

Gums that are firm, pink, and fit snugly around the teeth are healthy and are also generally considered more attractive. Gums that are dark, stained, or discolored can make your smile look unhealthy or unattractive. If you have dark gums due to smoking, Dr. Farnoosh can help. Dr. Alex Farnoosh has pioneered a special dark gums treatment that can be performed quickly and easily, has no downtime, and offers permanent results.
Smoking causes dark gums because cigarettes contain tar. The tar can darken your teeth, and you may notice yellowing on your fingers too. Fewer people are prepared for dark gums due to smoking, however. This is called smoker’s melanosis, and they can range from a few small dark spots to widespread discolorations. Regardless of the extent of your dark gums, Dr. Farnoosh can eliminate them.

His methods have been featured in major medical journals and in popular media outlets. He uses a combination of topical bleaching treatments and gentle dermabrasion to lighten the discolorations and permanently remove them. Most patients are able to eat and drink as usual immediately after the treatment. Some patients may experience heightened sensitivity if they have naturally sensitive gums. None of Dr. Farnoosh’s patients have suffered any complications, and they can smile confidently right away.

Quitting smoking can help reduce the risk of dark or discolored gums, but if that is not an option, our dark gums treatment can restore a natural, healthy look to your gums. We also offer gum lightening treatments for patients with other dark gum causes. Some patients may need additional surgical procedures to ensure the best results. If you have dark gums due to smoking, give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh.

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