Black Gums Pictures

black_gums_picturesBlack gums are a common, benign abnormality that can make you feel uncomfortable about the way your smile looks. In most cases, they are not a sign of a more serious underlying problem, but as you can see from black gums pictures, they do tend to be cosmetically unattractive. Dr. Alex Farnoosh can help.

Dr. Farnoosh has created and patented his unique black gums treatment. This is a treatment that may be used on black gums caused by a number of different factors, and it offers lasting results. In fact, you can expect your newly pink gums to remain with you permanently. Dr. Farnoosh’s patients have had no complications, and they enjoy permanent results.
Black gums pictures show you how many different things can cause black gums.

We begin with a comprehensive exam. During this exam, we will check that your teeth and gums are healthy, intact, and able to be treated. As you can see from our album of before and after black gums pictures, we can treat virtually any type of black gums. Topical anesthetic is available to keep you comfortable during the process, which is usually finished in just one appointment. We provide movies, music, and other amenities to help you relax and feel right at home during your treatment.

Dr. Farnoosh begins with an application of a gentle bleaching solution. This goes to work right away to break up and lift away the stains and discolorations. After the bleaching solution has an opportunity to work, Dr. Farnoosh will gently buff the top layers of skin in a mild dermabrasion procedure. This combination of processes removes black gum tissue and keeps it from coming back.

You can get started on your own black gums pictures. All it takes is a call to Dr. Farnoosh. We can help you decide if our black gums treatment is right for you and develop a treatment plan to give you the smile of your dreams. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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