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    Dr. Farnoosh developed the technique to treat Dark Gums. More than 2 decades ago, he treated his gums using his method to lighten his gums. Today his gums are still pink & beautiful.

    See The Difference Yourself!

    Dark Gums Treatment

    Dr. Alex Farnoosh has pioneered a dark gums treatment so that patients can love their smiles once again. This procedure is fast and easy, and its results are permanent, which means that the discolorations will not come back. If you have dark gums that are detracting from the appearance of your smile or affecting your self-esteem, we can help. We offer permanent black gum treatment to lighten gums and remove dark spots from gums.

    Dark gums are common in people with certain ethnic backgrounds, in people who take certain medications and in people who smoke. They are generally a cosmetic issue rather than a dental health problem, but a full evaluation can help identify any underlying issues. The best candidates for our dark gums procedure are those with healthy teeth and gums without any untreated dental or gum disease.

    If you are a candidate for this dark gums treatment, you will begin with a topical numbing solution gel or local anesthetic to keep you comfortable followed by a mild bleaching treatment. We apply the bleaching solution to the affected area and allow it to erase the stains or discolorations. Dr. Farnoosh then performs a special dermabrasion procedure that keeps the spots and discolorations from returning.

    The entire dark gums treatment process takes about an hour, after which you can be free to return to your everyday activities with no unwanted downtime. We may recommend that you quit smoking until the gums have healed completely. There are no special aftercare instructions for most patients, but we may recommend certain steps for individual patients to reduce their risk of irritation.

    The type of dark gums treatment that you need will vary based on the degree and type of discoloration that you have. Superficial discolorations may respond better to different procedures than deeper discolorations might. Dr. Farnoosh will explore your various treatment options with you and may recommend additional procedures for some patients with an overgrowth of gum tissue or other abnormalities. Contact our office today to learn more about available dark gums treatment options or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Farnoosh.

    Dr. Farnoosh and His One of a Kind Gum Bleaching

    It all began a quarter century ago, when Dr. Farnoosh stumbled upon his own unique way to beautify discolored gums—all because a woman found the color of her gums diminished her new show-stopping veneers. Dr. Farnoosh spent a sleepless night tossing the problem around in his brain. Scurrying off to his office around midnight, Dr. Farnoosh set to work. “I had dark gums myself thanks to years of pipe smoking,” he said. “So I tried my new method on myself first. Low and behold, it worked!”

    Dr. Farnoosh’ Gum Bleaching with Dermabrasion Vs. Laser Gum Whitening

    Dr. Farnoosh is well-versed in treating gum discoloration with Lasers. Unhappy with its short-term, uneven results, Dr. Farnoosh developed a technique known as “gum bleaching with dermabrasion.” This method differs from Laser treatment in the following ways:

    • Harmonious, even coloring is achieved once discolored tissue is removed
    • With dermabrasion, it is easy to reach between the teeth to treat discolored gum tissue
    • After 25 years of using this method, Dr. Farnoosh has seen no return of gum discoloration

    Dr. Farnoosh’s work has been published and showcased in the “International Journal of Periodontics”, NY Times best selling book “Billion Dollar Smile” and featured on the hit TV show “The Doctors”.

    Why choose Dr. Farnoosh to treat your discolored gums?

    • He is the inventor of treatment for Dark Gums
    • He has unparalleled, exceptional credentials & Internationally recognized expert with more than 40 publications.
    • Has follow up results for 25 years
    • Has successfully treated more than 1000 patients from all over the world.
    • Has treated his own discolored gums 25years ago and it is still pink & beautiful.

    In The Media

    Beverly Hills Gum Bleaching Technique Featured on CBS’s “The Doctors”

    Dr. Farnoosh’s Gum Bleaching Technique Featured on “Pure Health News”

    See The Difference Yourself!

    To have an attractive smile, one needs beautiful teeth, pleasant-looking gums and appealing lips that are in the appropriate location.

    “Every case is like artwork to me”

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