What Causes Black Gums?

what_causes_black_gumsour smile should be a source of joy for you and for others, and you should feel confident enough to want to share it with the world. Unfortunately, a smile can be a source of distress and frustration for those with black gums. If you have black gums, you may be wondering what causes dark gums and how you can fix them. Dr. Alex Farnoosh offers a revolutionary treatment to eliminate the appearance of dark gums and give you the smile of your dreams.

Some of the most common causes of dark gums include:

1. Excess melanin
Just as people have different skin tones, they can also have varying amounts of melanin in their gums. The excess pigment can leave their teeth looking brown, purple, or black. This is most common in those with naturally darker skin but can occur in people of any ethnic background.

2. Smoking
Smoking may be better known for staining fingers and teeth, but the tobacco can also stain your gums and leave them looking dark or brown.

3. Amalgam tattoos
An amalgam tattoo is the dark line that some types of metal restorations leave on your gums. These tattoos are generally not harmful, but they can cause you to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile.

4. Poor dental hygiene
Tartar buildup can discolor your teeth and gums and may threaten your dental health.

5. Medications or medical conditions
Certain medical problems and medications can cause your gums to look dark or discolored.

In most cases, black gums are not a sign of more serious problems, but they can be a major cosmetic concern. Finding out what causes dark gums can be the first step in transforming your smile. Dr. Farnoosh has developed a patented gum lightening procedure that has been published in various journals and media outlets. His method combines a special bleaching process and a mild dermabrasion, and it not only lightens gums to a natural pink color but also keeps them lighter for life.

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