Dark Gums Remedy

Photo of showing businesswoman, isolated on white
Photo of showing businesswoman, isolated on white
While white, healthy, even teeth are perhaps the most recognizable features of a beautiful smile, your gums may play a bigger role than you imagined. The most attractive smiles have an aesthetically pleasing gum-to-tooth ratio, and the gums are a pleasing pink color. An attractive gum line frames your teeth to show them off to their best advantage. If your gums are genetically dark or have been discolored by medications, smoking, or other factors, Dr. Farnoosh can help.

Dr. Alex Farnoosh has pioneered his dark gums remedy and is one of only a few cosmetic dentists in the country who offers gum bleaching. He uses a special combination of procedures to ensure permanent results in even the most stubborn cases. His dark gums remedy has been featured in the “Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry,” and he has treated thousands of patients with black or discolored gums.

Dark gums can occur for a variety of reasons and may vary in extent. Some patients may have just a few small areas of discolorations while others have extensive blue, brown, or black coloring on their gums. Many times, these are simply natural variations, but they can make teeth look unhealthy or unattractive. Dr. Farnoosh uses a topical bleaching treatment to lighten the color of the gums gently and effectively. After the bleaching procedure is complete, a mild dermabrasion procedure is performed.

The combination of bleaching and dermabrasion helps eliminate discoloration even deep inside the soft tissues, and as the gums heal, they will be smooth and pink in color. Most patients can go right back to their daily routines immediately after treatment. You may be a candidate for this revolutionary dark gums remedy if you have spots, streaks, or widespread discolorations and have healthy gums and teeth with no underlying dental disease.

Our dark gums remedy takes less than an hour, and most patients report improved self-confidence after treatment. They not only feel better about their smiles but also their overall appearance. If you have dark gums that are taking away from your smile, we can help. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Farnoosh.

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