The Right Treatment to Get Rid of Dark Gums

The Right Treatment to Get Rid of Dark Gums

Your gums play just as much of an important role in your smile as your teeth do. While people may immediately notice your white, sparkling teeth, if something is off regarding the color of your gums it will also get noticed right away. Having a darker pigment to your gum tissue can be the result of many different things, including your genetics, so you will want to get examined by a medical professional so you can see what the cause may be for you. Once the root cause has been determined you can then explore the treatment options that are available. When it comes to taking care of dark gums, the right treatment can make all the difference in your comfort and in the results you get.

Exploring the Options

The options available to you in terms of treating your gum discoloration can vary depending on the periodontist that you see. Different doctors may use different methods to help with this issue. One common practice in the past was to surgically remove the dark gum tissue. This can prove to be uncomfortable and is not always the most effective as you may find the discoloration returning after a time. Newer techniques today are also performed through the use of lasers to remove the discolored areas. While this method is more effective, there can still be a return of the darker color to your gums, meaning you will have to have the procedure performed again to get the pink look that you want.

Trying Gum Bleaching

There is also a newer method available for the treatment of dark gums that involves gum bleaching and dermabrasion. In this technique, you receive a mild sedative and then undergo the bleaching of the gums with a solution to help lighten the color of your gums. The process then involves a dermabrasion technique to help remove the dark tissue that can be in between teeth, harder to reach areas and all of your gum tissue that gives you a permanent solution to ridding your mouth of the dark tissue.

The Right Treatment to Get Rid of Dark Gums

In order to learn what treatment is best for you for your dark gums you want to see an expert and experienced periodontist that is familiar with all of the techniques. In the Los Angeles area you will want to arrange an appointment with Dr. Alex Farnoosh at 310-928-1796 so you can learn all of your options and what will be the best solution for you.

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