Black Gums – Should You be Worried?

When it comes to having a great smile there is much more than just having great looking teeth involved. Your gums are going to be visible as well, and the way that they look can have an impact on you, your confidence and your smile. While you may not have ever noticed it before, lately you have seen that your gums seem much darker and perhaps even look black to you. Naturally you may feel concerned and even self-conscious about the way they look, causing you to smile less and less frequently and perhaps even bow out of social situations because you feel embarrassed about the look. It may even lead you to ask if you should be worried about having black gums and if you have a health problem you need to be concerned about.

The Cause of a Gum Problem Like This

There can be a number of reasons as to why you have the dark gums you have today. For some people it can be the result of taking certain medications. Some medicines can change the color of your gums as a side effect. People that are regular smokers or use chewing tobacco may also have a problem with darker gums as a result of the tobacco use. There can be other health issues involved as well, such as the diet you maintain, a medical issue you may not be aware of or even your dental hygiene habits. For some people it may not be anything you do on your own and can simply be a product of genetics as certain ethnic backgrounds are more prone to darker gums.

What You Should Do

If you are concerned about your dark gums you will want to go to see a medical professional so that certain things can be ruled out as the root cause of the problem. If you find the problem is not the result of a medical condition or anything that you can change in your own habits, then you will want to consider seeing a periodontist that specializes in the treatment of gums and gum tissues. A periodontist can perform an exam and help to determine what the best approach in treatment for your black gums can be.

Black Gums – Should You be Worried

Anytime you notice anything different about your appearance such as black gums it is worth getting checked out. If you want to get a thorough evaluation and learn what can be done to get rid of the dark gums you have, contact the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh at 310-928-1796 so you can get the best help possible.

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