Gum Bleaching Before and After

Gum_Bleaching_Before_and_AfterGums may not seem like a significant part of a smile to most people, but they frame the teeth to create a balanced, attractive look. If your gums are stained, discolored or naturally dark, you may not be happy with the image they are creating. Dr. Farnoosh offers gum bleaching procedures that can permanently lighten your gums for a more aesthetically appealing look. Gum bleaching before and after pictures show just some of the possibilities.

Gum bleaching before and after photos offer a closer look at all the ways that smiles can be transformed. The best candidates for gum bleaching are patients with healthy teeth and gums with natural or acquired discolorations. Gums may be naturally blue, purple, brown or black due to genetic factors. They can also develop discolorations as a result of certain types of dental restorations, medications or habits, such as smoking. Dr. Farnoosh has pioneered his gum bleaching treatment to provide fast, permanent results.

If you are a candidate for gum bleaching, Dr. Farnoosh will begin by applying a special solution directly to your gums. This solution lightens and bleaches gums gently. Dr. Farnoosh then performs a gentle dermabrasion procedure to buff the gums and eliminate deeper discolorations. The entire process can be completed in a single appointment. Most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately. The process is safe and effective with no risk of complications.

Dr. Farnoosh began developing his treatment in the early 1990s and has since perfected it. He is a leader in the specialized field of cosmetic periodontics, and his revolutionary methods have even been published in the “International Journal of Periodontics.” and showcased in NY times best selling book “Billion Dollar Smile” by Dr. Bill Dorfman, and featured on the hit TV show “The Doctors” His gum bleaching before and after results are unparalleled in the field, and he is able to offer his patients the kind of personalized treatment they expect and deserve.

If you are unhappy with the look or color of your gums, Dr. Farnoosh can help. Give us a call today to see more gum bleaching before and after images or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Farnoosh.

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