Discolored Gums Causes

discolored_gums_causesYour smile is one of your most noticeable features, but if your gums are discolored, you may not feel much like sharing your smile even with those who are closest to you. Discolored gums are a common problem, and while they are usually a cosmetic concern, many people crave smooth pink, lighter-looking gums. Dr. Farnoosh offers various discolored gums treatments that are customized to address the underlying discolored gums causes and give you the smile of your dreams.

Although there are several discolored gums causes, most cases of discolored gums can be linked to heredity. This type of dark gums, which is caused by excess melanin, tends to be more common in people with African, East Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic backgrounds but can occur in people of all ethnicities. Instead of being naturally pink, your gums may appear brown or black, or they may be pink and brown with splotches, streaks, or spots of darker color throughout. Naturally dark gums are not a health issue, but you may want to lighten them for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Farnoosh offers a dark gums treatment that permanently lightens the color of your gums for a more aesthetic, uniform appearance.

Dark-colored gums can also occur as a result of certain medications or treatments. Another one of the more common discolored gums causes, medications and dental treatments can discolor your gums or your teeth. Metal-based restorations are among the most common offenders and can cause the gums near the restoration to have a darker color. The proper treatment for this type of discoloration can vary but may include Dr. Farnoosh’s revolutionary dark gums treatment combined with other treatments to remove and replace the problematic restorations.

Less commonly, periodontal disease or gingivitis can cause dark gums. Because these conditions are dental health issues that could seriously compromise your smile, they require prompt treatment. Cosmetic dental treatments are not appropriate in cases of untreated periodontal disease. Once the infection has been brought under control, patients may still benefit from cosmetic treatments which be done at the same appointment. .

If you have dark or discolored gums, Dr. Farnoosh can help. He offers personalized treatments with permanent results. Give us a call today to learn more about the various discolored gums causes or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Farnoosh.

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