What to do When You Have Dark Gums

What to do When You Have Dark Gums

There are a few things we naturally associate with a healthy mouth – bright, white teeth, clean, fresh breath, and pink gums, just to name a few. To achieve all of these things, you want to make sure that you undertake good dental hygiene habits each day and get your teeth checked regularly by your dentist. Even if you do all of this, you may find a time where your gum tissue seems to be darker than what you have to come to expect. This can be alarming to you when it happens, and you may worry that something I wrong with your teeth or your health. At the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, we recommend a few steps you can take when you discover you have dark gums.

See a Dentist

Your first and most natural step to take is to make an appointment to see your dentist. While your typical dentist may be capable of treating many dental issues, they may not be completely aware of what the different causes of darker gum tissue can be for you. You may be better off seeing a dentist that specializes in this type of work so that you can get the right answers to the problem. Dr. Farnoosh has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over twenty years and is considered to be one of the foremost experts in this area, so he can provide you with the proper analysis and cause of the gum issue you are facing.

Learning about Treatment

When you come to our office to have your dark gums examined, Dr. Farnoosh will perform a thorough evaluation and exam of your teeth and mouth. You will learn that this gum issue can be for a variety of different reasons (many of which are not health-related at all) and you will learn about what can be done to help you restore the look of your gums. Dr. Farnoosh discovered a new procedure for gum treatment years ago and has treated many patients with great success, providing them with pink, beautiful gums that never darken again.

Schedule Your Visit

If you are dealing with dark gums and want to know what you can do about them, please take the time to call our office at 310-928-1796 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh. We can set up a time for your examination, and Dr. Farnoosh can present you with the treatment that will work best for you and help you get the pink look you want back for your gum tissue.

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