The Best Treatment for Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills

The Best Treatment for Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills

Your smile is important to you for a number of reasons. It is a big reflection of your personality and works for you in your personal, social and business lives. As much as we may all want to have the perfect smile, there are many of us that have issues that may make us feel that our smile is far from perfect. If you have noticed that you seem to be showing a great deal of gum tissue when you smile, this condition may cause you to become very self-conscious about the way you look, making you smile less and less all the time. Instead of facing the problem alone, it is best for you to see out our help for treatment for your gummy smile in Beverly Hills.

Help is Available

Many people are under the misconception that there is nothing that can be done about excess gum tissue. They simply suffer along with the condition, smiling less, withdrawing from social situations and feel unhappy with their appearance. Luckily, there is not only treatment available to you but our facility offers a revolutionary treatment designed to provide you with the best results possible in a painless and effective manner. Many of the traditional methods used for excising gum tissue could cause you a lot of pain during and after the procedure. Our innovative methods, pioneered by Dr. Alex Farnoosh, have changed all of that.

The Best Treatment for Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills

A Procedure That Works

Dr. Farnoosh developed a specialized treatment for gummy smile in Beverly Hills back in 1988 and has been using it at our office on thousands of patients over that time. His lip lowering procedure is a high quality alternative to the very invasive surgical procedures that were performed in the past. The upper lip is repositioned properly so that less gum tissue is exposed, providing you with a better smile with much less risk of side effects.

Explore Your Options

There are a number of different treatment options that we have available for gummy smile in Beverly Hills. Take the time to call our office at 310-928-1796 so that you can arrange for an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh and have a complete exam and consultation. You can then discuss the different options for treatment that are best for you personally and move ahead with getting rid of your gummy smile once and for all.

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