Is It Safe to Bleach Gums in Los Angeles?

Dealing with dark gum tissue in your mouth may be something that you never thought you would come across in your lifetime, yet here you are, looking at yourself in the mirror, and wondering why your gum tissue looks the way that it does. There can actually be a number of different reasons as to why you have dark gums, including genetics, medications that you may take or whether or not you smoke. Whatever the actual cause of the condition may be, you may wonder about treatment options that are available to you. You might have heard of a bleaching treatment that is being done today but you may question – is it safe to bleach gums in Los Angeles?

The Truth about the Procedure

While many people may fear undergoing a treatment of this nature, the truth is that the bleaching treatments that are available today are completely safe and highly effective. In the past, treatments that were used for dark gums basically involved a simple excision of the dark gum tissue. The procedure could be quite painful for you in its recovery and it could take a long time before you started to feel better. Also, procedures of the past did not provide a permanent solution so that you may find that over time your gums dark and again and you need to have the procedure done over. The newer procedures that are available are much more effective, pain free and permanent.

A Combination of Techniques

The most effective method used when you want to bleach gums in Los Angeles today involves a combination of techniques. The procedure involves gum bleaching combined with a dermabrasion process. In this procedure, you receive a mild bleaching treatment to lighten the color of the gums. Following this, a dermabrasion process is then used to remove spots of discoloration, including those that may be between your teeth. This will leave you with and even coloring all throughout your mouth and with the pink, healthy looking gums that you desire without the need for having further treatments down the road.

Go to the Innovator

When you want to bleach gums in Los Angeles using this innovative process, it only makes sense to go to the person that invented it and make an appointment to see Dr. Alex Farnoosh by calling 310-928-1796. Dr. Farnoosh invented the treatment process over twenty-five years ago and has treated over a thousand patients successfully and provided them with a permanent solution to their dark gums.

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