A Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

A Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Smile

You have no problem at all going to see your dentist when you have a toothache or a question about the health or care of your teeth. However, if you seem to be having trouble with your smile in some way you may need more than just your regular dentist to help you. There can be all kinds of other issues going on in your mouth that are cosmetic in nature that are leading you to have a smile you are not happy with. When you are facing problems of this nature you need to turn to a cosmetic dentist to help you. You will find that a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist can assist you with all kinds of issues that may be affecting your smile, such as:

Tooth Issues

Tooth issues that are treated by a cosmetic dentist go beyond what a traditional dentist is capable of doing. You would go to see a cosmetic dentist if you are having a problem with broken, cracked or even missing teeth that you need repaired or replaced. You may also have crooked teeth that you want to try to get back into alignment. A cosmetic dentist has a variety of dental procedures that can help you, including dental implants, the use of veneers and bridges and other options that can help restore your teeth.

A Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Smile

Gum Issues

There are also a number of gum issues that a cosmetic dentist can assist you with. For some people there may be a problem of having excess gum tissue in their mouths that can obscure parts of their teeth. Others may experience a dark pigmentation of their gums. In both of these cases a cosmetic dentist can perform procedures that can restore the look of the gums so that they look pink and healthy and provide you with the smile you want. Procedures such as gum bleaching or whitening, gum contouring, lip lowering and other surgical procedures can work for you.

There are many things that a cosmetic dentist can do for you to help you get your smile back to the condition that you want it at. Take the time to choose an experienced cosmetic dentist to work with you so you can learn what some of the problems may be with your smile and what the best methods are that are available to you to help fix them.

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