Learning about Your Gum Bleaching Options

Learning Gum Bleaching Options

If you have been dealing with the issue of dark gums for a long time and are actively looking for a way to eliminate the pigmentation you have, you will find that you have a number of options available to you. In the past, surgical treatment was really the only way to remove dark gum tissue. The method is not permanent, not always highly effective and can lead to a painful recovery for some people. Today, thanks to advances made in dental science and technology, there is a better method available to you. Bleaching has become a much more effective way of dealing with dark gums. You will find that you have a couple of gum bleaching options you can choose from, such as:

Laser Gum Whitening

Laser gum whitening has been in use for a number of years now. In this procedure, lasers are used in a combination with a water system so that the dark gum areas are bleached and lasers are used to help remove the tissue and discolored areas. In some cases the results can provide you with a permanent solution to dark gums, unlike what is often achieved through surgical methods. However, the results can be only short-term for some patients and they can find their gums return to the dark color and may need to have the procedure performed again to get good results.

Learning Gum Bleaching Options

Gum Bleaching with Dermabrasion

Perhaps the most effective method you will find being used today involves bleaching combined with a dermabrasion treatment. The gums are numbed with a topical agent, the bleaching solution applied to the darkened areas and then a dermabrasion technique is used to help scrub the areas of discoloration away. In this method, it is easier to reach the gum areas between the teeth to rid the dark spots that you want. This method has shown to be truly permanent to help you get rid of dark gum tissue. There is no painful recovery time or special instructions to follow afterwards and you just need to maintain good dental practice to keep your gums looking pink and healthy.

Not every periodontist will be able to assist you with problems of dark gums or perform bleaching techniques. You want to find a periodontist that is experienced in this type of work so that you can be sure the best treatment methods are available to you.

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