Explaining Why do People Have Black Gums

Explaining Why do People Have Black Gums

While most people immediately associate a glowing, radiant smile with the whiteness of their teeth, your gums can play just as important of a role in achieving that look. You can have bright, white teeth that you are very proud of, yet your smile still may not look as good as you had hoped it would because of a dark color to your gums. You may notice the look yourself when you look in the mirror, causing you to wonder if other people have noticed it as well. You probably wonder just why this is happening to you. At the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, we hear the question quite often from our patients – why do people have black gums and can I do anything about it?

The Causes of Black Gums

There are several things can cause you to have a darker pigment to your gums or for your gums to look black. None of them directly relate to your dental hygiene and the causes may not even be something that you are doing yourself. Many people of particular ethnic ancestry and background naturally have darker pigment to their gum tissue. It is simply a matter of genetics for some and not for any outside cause. For some people, your gum color can become darker because of particular types of medication that you may take. You may notice that after you started certain prescriptions your gum color became darker. People that have been smokers are also known to have darker gum color as a result of smoking.

What Can be Done

You may ask why do people have black gums but you likely also want to know what can be done about it. There are several different treatment options available to you, but the one that we can provide for you here at the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh can provide you with a permanent fix to your black gum problem. Dr. Farnoosh has developed a gum whitening procedure that involves dermabrasion to help lighten and remove dark gums permanently. With this treatment, you can have the beautiful, bright smile you want and are proud to flash.

Seek Out Our Treatment

Now that you know the answer to why do people have black gums, you should take the time to contact our office to arrange for a consultation and examination with Dr. Farnoosh. You can contact us by calling the office at 310-928-1796 and set up an appointment for yourself. Dr. Farnoosh will be glad to meet with you, examine you and provide you with the best treatment options for your condition so you can get rid of those dark gums once and for all.

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