Is a Discolored Gum a Sign of a Health Problem?

Is a Discolored Gum a Sign of a Health Problem

For most of us, the signs of a healthy mouth are our bright, white teeth and the pink color of the tissue of our gums. You may even take for granted that your gum tissue seems fine most of the time and you may never give it much of a thought at all until something does not look quite right to you. You happened to notice when you looked in the mirror that your gums seem to be a darker color. The discoloration is concerning to you, and you worry if something might be wrong with your teeth, gums or your health. Do you have cause to worry? Is a discolored gum a sign of a potential health problem?

Learning the Truth

For most people, seeing a discoloration of gum tissue is not something that is a great cause for concern. There can be a number of reasons as to why your gums seem darker or even black in color. Many people of particular ethnic backgrounds often have a dark pigment to their gums. It may also be an issue of genetics and heredity for you and have nothing to do with your health. You may have recently started taking certain prescription medications that can alter your gum color as a known side effect. If you are a long-time smoker, smoking can also discolor your gums. There are some cases of advanced forms of gingivitis that can also cause the problem. The only way for you to learn the truth is to go to see a periodontist or dentist and get a thorough exam.

The Right Help for You

At the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, we very often see patients that are concerned about a discolored gum issue. Dr. Farnoosh is an expert when it comes to the treatment and care of gums and has developed innovative techniques to treat dark gums successfully. His gum whitening method, combined with a unique dermabrasion technique, can eliminate the dark gum tissue from your mouth permanently, leaving you with gums that are pink and healthy-looking.

Call for a Consult

If you are concerned about a discolored gum and want to know the cause, please make an appointment with us by calling our offices at 310-928-1796. We can arrange for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh so that you can have an exam, learn the causes of your gum problem and discuss the best options for treatment so that your gums can return to the healthy look you want.

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