Be Aware of Discolored Gums Causes

Discolored Gums Causes

Lately when you look in the mirror you have taken more notice of your gums than you have in the past. The coloring seems a bit different to you and your gums seek much darker than you may have ever noticed in the past. This may be a cause of concern for you as you do not know why this might be happening to you. It may even have you smiling less and becoming more self-conscious as you think other people will begin to notice it as well. It is good for you to know about potential discolored gums causes so you know what it may be from and what you can do for it in terms of treatment.

A Potential Genetic Issue

For many people that find they have dark gums, this can be attributed to genetics. There are certain ethnic backgrounds that can be more prone to having darker pigments to their gums, so it may be something that you have inherited from your family. If this is the case and your gums are otherwise healthy, you do have the choice of simply living with the gums like this or having a cosmetic procedure performed that can lighten the gum tissue for you so that it looks pinker.

Discolored Gums Causes

Other Potential Causes

There are other things that can be the cause of gum discoloration. In some cases it may be the result of certain medications that you have been taking. For some people it may be the result of dental hygiene issues where you may have something like gingivitis and the gums are unhealthy. In either case, if you are concerned about your gum color, you will want to have them checked not just by your regular dentist but by an experienced periodontist. They will be able to make a proper determination and diagnosis as to what may be the cause of the problem.

Now that you are aware of some of the potential discolored gums causes, you want to go to an expert to get a proper evaluation and the best treatment. Call the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh at 310-928-1796 so that you can arrange for a consultation and learn what may be the root cause of dark gums for you. Dr. Farnoosh is an expert in his field and can provide you with permanent options for dark gums so you can have your gums looking the way you want them to.

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